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The Pod is back......The Pod is back........The Pod is back........wooohooooo.......Love that Pod........

I now eagerly await the download of the new i-tunes so i can play...
In other non-pod related news i travelled up to the big city of London early yesterday to watch Cirque de Soleil.....Ah-maze-zzzing....Unfortunatly I may be a little long in the tooth to join that group [cos they'd let me...]....

I wasn't going to go out Saturday, but I'm weak and was talked into it.

Miss H dropped in for a glass of wine before we planned to head out. Unfortunatly my weak body had other ideas, and half a glass of wine in it seemed to say 'enough' and decided to feel rough. I thought it may be a bad idea to risk town, so seeing as only the tiniest scrap of alcohol had passed my lips two hours before, thought I would give Miss H a lift in. [Wierdly, we were getting ready to go, and the contents of my stomach decided they wanted to be out.....I hardly ever throw up....interesting]

So not willing to be beaten by the weakness of my own body I brush my teeth and head for the car.
On the way in, I'm stopped at the traffic lights, as you do when they are red....and I look into my rear-view mirror. [General Info:Since the Great Car-Crash of December 04, I'm prone to chanting intructions at people in other vehicles for example, 'You stay there' 'Please stay in that lane' etc. etc]

So I look into my rear-view mirror and start chanting 'Please dont hit me, please dont hit me, please dont.....'

What do we think happened next??
Was it option 1? The car glided to a beautiful halt just in the nick of time and this is a dull story to waste time while I wait for I-Tunes?
Was it option 2? That the sick had got into my eyes and I imagined the car speeding before me?
Or was it option 3? The girl got brake and accelerate muddled up, skidded on some ice and came to rest on my bumper?

If you guessed option 3, Bravo, you win the prize.....I'm thrilled for you.
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