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What's this Evans? In on a Friday night? Shouldn't you be propping up a bar somewhere???? hmmm...yes....ill....damn you winter.Have to get the juice out and doublerly abuse my body tomorrow.

In other news my finger may have accidently slipped onto a certain little song... You know you love it.

ting ting ting ting twing ting ting ting twang ting ting ting twoing.... IiiiIIiii don't want a lot for christmaaaas *CLANG* There is just one thing iIIi neeeed *CLANG* I dont care about the preseeeents *CLANG* underneath the christmas treeeee *CLANG*

Sing it Mariah....

Although, in my defense if I hadn't been waiting patiently for someone to finish uploading a large [perfectly legal] file [which i'm sure was cool] i never would have bothered.....hmmm..yes

The good news is I had stupidly left my desktop in the shared folder *bravo* - the thing that made me chuckle and the only reason i even noticed was because someone was uploading one of my current 'works in progress' ...a rather attractive Flash File that currently goes by the name of "The Chicks Have A Christmas Message."

Whatever chicks the poor soul was looking for.... I don't think he got it....and if he did I need to report him.
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